About Us

About Us

SEAC (Southeast Asia Center) is ASEAN’s most innovative and dedicated Lifelong Learning Center, inspiring growth and change for a better future through curated lifelong learning courses. We infuse people with a learning mindset and the curiosity to discover boundless possibilities, helping people realize their ability to learn at all stages of life. We provide comprehensive and innovative programmes, experiences and community – a true Lifelong Learning Ecosystem – to help you develop the desire and capability to build better outcomes for yourself, your family, your organizations, and ultimately your society.

With over 27 years of experience in consultancy, and transforming organizations and people, SEAC has worked with hundreds of leading companies to groom their talent, people and leaders, supporting their growth effectively through programs such as our senior executive program. In collaboration with the Stanford Center for Professional Development, and partnering with other leading global educational institutions, such as The Arbinger Institute, Tirian International, and The Ken Blanchard Companies, SEAC makes worldclass knowledge accessible and practical for people and leaders throughout the ASEAN region.

Our Vision

To make people realize that the true power of humans is our ability to learn at all stages of our lives.

Our Mission

Infuse people with a lifelong learning mindset and a curiosity for discovering boundless possibilities.

CEO’s Message

“SEAC firmly believes that as human beings we must never stop learning and developing our potential if we wish to lead fulfilling lives. We believe that everyone wants to create a positive change in themselves, their organizations, and society. To achieve this we all need to be aware of, and understand how to, learn, unlearn and relearn with new mindsets, particularly in an increasingly disrupted World. SEAC will serve as an important center for lifelong learning where everyone is encouraged to think and shift their mindset to create a Lifelong Learning Ecosystem in society and so build a ‘Learn Fast, Fail Fast and Move Forward’ culture. This will ensure the continual development of themselves and their organizations, and the enhancement of ASEAN’s present and future.”

Arinya Talerngsri

Chief Capability Officer and Managing


What We do

We recognize the future is uncertain, ambiguous and the threat of disruption is very real. The world of business is changing rapidly, we help our clients change with it by offering them:

World Class Capability Development Programs

We offer cutting edge, culturally contextualized development programs developed in collaboration with top tier leadership and innovation thought leading organizations including Stanford University’s Center for Professional Development. Our lifelong learning education programs are designed to deliver more innovative, entrepreneurial, customer and people focused leaders at all levels capable of changing the game in their organizations.


Access to Cutting Edge Research

We organize, administer and lead applied research projects with leading ASEAN organizations and consortiums to address the key challenges facing their industries, organizations, customers and the societies we live in, today and tomorrow. We do this by engaging only the best of the best experts and faculty while matching them closely with the specific needs of participating organizations. We help them develop insights that will help them do well for their organization and the wider society.


Expert Consultation Services

Our aim is the future sustainability, survival and competitiveness of your organization. We offer a full range of specifically tailored Leadership, People and Organizational Development consulting solutions that produce a tangible and positive business impact. We utilize only practical and contextualized approaches – not just theory – that fully support insights and deployment in your organization in the shortest time possible to meet the increasing speed of business and change. We take the best thinking, experts and frameworks, and make them truly applicable in an ASEAN context.


Why We are Different

SEAC encourages institutions, businesses, and learners, of all ages, equipping them to face rapid change in the business world by moving beyond traditional theoretical learning to a transformative learning process. SEAC has been recognized for its unique approaches and strengths:

Global Best‐in‐Class:

Our partnerships with many worldclass institutions allow us to stay at the forefront of new and proven practices, helping Thai and ASEAN organizations elevate their potential and accelerate transformation through our innovative solutions and programs.


Our focus is always to simplify and make things practical for our clients. Our services are highly contextualized to the Thai and ASEAN local frameworks, such as our executive development program in Thailand.


We are thought leaders who continually introduce new ways of thinking and seek new ways to improve our services. Thought leaders pursue lifelong learning to remain at the leading edge of advances.

Trusted Partner:

Our strong passion to see our clients succeed creates a unique way of working at SEAC. Our customerfocused mindset and collaborative working approach helps us build longterm relationships with many leading Thai and ASEAN organizations, who become SEAC advocates.

Strong Capability:

With over 150 consultants, trainers/coaches, and staff, and a strong internal process for continuous improvement in our standards, the SEAC delivery team has been recognized by our clients for its dynamic capabilities to elevate our standards.

Our Methodologies

“Quite simply the most powerful

way of learning I have experienced.”

– MD, ASEAN Head of Fortune

500 company.

For SEAC to provide leadership skills to inspire lasting change, we adhere to our 5 proven methodologies:


Participants learn why their personal involvement is important to the program and what outcomes they can expect by participating, in addition to their roles and expectations of success within the organization and its future.


Participants learn what new sets of behaviors, actions and tools will be implemented, and the gap between their desired outcome and current baseline is assessed and measured.


All stakeholders come together to connect, build a learning community, create a vision of success, and define the path to get there.


Participants complete a series of development activities built around desired capabilities. All designed around our “4Line” platform.


All stakeholders come together to consolidate best practices and create a plan that sustains application and growth.


Through over 250 engagements with the region’s leading organizations and 25 years of experience, SEAC (formerly APMGroup) has passionately contributed to a better future for the region through world-class contextualized Executive Education, Innovation & Leadership development, and consulting support.


Our People

In order to maintain the high standards of excellence that we insist upon, we hire only the best and the brightest.

Our specialists come from a wide range of nationalities and business backgrounds and are deeply committed to advancing our own business research and knowledge so that we can advance the goals and ambitions of our clients.

We understand the challenges that ASEAN businesses face and offer solutions that support positive change and growth in the context of the ASEAN marketplace.

We bring global expertise and apply it specifically to our client’s business needs with tangible outcomes that can be seen from day one. Our way of thinking, designing impactful experiences and comprehensive delivery are leading change in how people improve, develop and reach their potential.