We are Southeast Asia’s Leading SMART
Learning Services Provider

We combine technology, design, and learning experience expertise to develop holistic, end-to-end, learningexperiences and journeys that create life-changing outcomes and technical and essential skills and capabilities fororganizations and individuals of all ages, stages, and walks of life.

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    Organizations we have or currently serve

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    C-Level leaders

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    People whose lives
    we have helped improve / transform

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    of the Fortune 500 companies we work with

Empower People with Technology-
Enhanced Learning Experiences

We help people develop and apply new Mindsets, Skillsets, and Toolsetsthat they can use to create better lives and opportunities and continuously develop themselves throughand beyond longer working lives. We empower organizations to develop future-ready human talent through innovative tech-enhancedapproaches to upskill and reskill at speed and scale.

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    Empowering people and organizations with the mindsets, knowledge, and skillsets to create better opportunities. Inspiring lives
    and enabling better futures every day.

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    To ignite a passion for lifelong learning and
    to provide world-class learning experiences
    so everyone can build a better future.

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    Empowering lifelong learning experiences world class courses innovative

World-class Learning Experiences for
Individuals and Organizations

We offer technology-supported blended learning experiences to provide appropriate supportat the right time and place to serve individual learners’ needs

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    Outcome Driven

    Design and deliver context-aware and outcome-driven pervasive learning.
    We offer technology-supported blended learning experiences to provide appropriate support at the right time and place to serve individual learners’ needs in applying new mindsets and skillsets in their life and work.

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    Continuously Grow

    We have created and continually grow and ecosystem that integrates the world’s best content into on-demand, right-sized, hyper-relevant blended learning focused on the application of new skillsets and mindsets.

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    30+ Years Experience

    Use 30+ years of learning design and delivery experience and technology to deliver unparalleled experiences that produce results quickly.

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    Multiple Channels

    Ensure every development touchpoint moves individuals and organizations toward their goals. All with a strong focus on scalability, cost-effectiveness, convenience, and faster speed of change.

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    Apply for All

    Apply our patented affordable, scalable, and tech-leveraged approach for every learner from 7-70+.

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    Ensure every experience is personalized, adaptable, interactive, and collaborative, goal focused, and immediately applicable.

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    Measurable growth

    Deliver measurable improvement for the time and resources invested and build a base for future development.

World-Class Learning Experiences for
Individuals and Organizations

We offer technology-supported blended learning experiences to provide appropriate supportat the right time and place to serve individual learners’ needs

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    Thailand’s first, largest, and most innovative Learning Community with 1,400+ innovative l...

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    Architeck (In-House Training)

    Purposefully designed, empowering learning experiences focused on the essential interventi...

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    SEAC Certificate Programs

    Accredited professional and personal certificate programs to accelerate development and up...

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    SEAC Customized Learning Solutions

    A range of end-to-end transformation programs for leaders and organizations’ challenges an...

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    SEAC Public Sector Service

    Scalable services for all levels create alignment, change, and innovation for individuals ...

Empowering Team

Arinya Talengsri

SEAC Founder & Managing Director

Arinya established APM Group 30+ years ago to transform the Thai skills development landscape from lectures to interactive training experiences. She brought world-class content via partnerships, pioneered Organizational Development (OD) services that aligned training with holistic goals, and introduced Psychometric Assessments via Thailand’s first Assessment Center for individuals and organizations.

She rebranded APM as SEAC to scale support for Thai and Southeast Asian organizations with platform-based Learning Solutions and unique Intellectual Property. SEAC solutions are built on design expertise to incorporate diverse learning experiences (4 Line Learning), innovative learning journeys (5Phase Development), and application-focused learning (6 Learning Labs).

SEAC expanded its solutions to meet the needs of diverse learners, with innovative content and experiences for frontline staff to executives, developing human skills to technical skills, at team to organization levels, and for today and tomorrow’s skill and capability needs.

Arinya Talerngsri, SEAC Founder and Managing DirectorArinya Talerngsri, SEAC Founder and Managing Director

We Partner with the World’s Leading
Thinkers and Development Organizations

SEAC has created an extraordinary ecosystem of partners with the world’s and Thailand’s leading thinkers, education<br>institutions, content creators, and development organizations. SEAC integrates these into cutting-edge,<br>engaging,and practical experiences to empower Thai students, organizations, and professionals.

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    Creating Inspired Leaders with Dynamic Learning Experiences A global powerhouse in leadership, management, and professional training. Build leadership and self leadership throughout your organization with a common language. Flexible action-oriented journeys of in-person, virtual, and online learning.
    Leadership & Mindset
  • Logo ofhttps://web-cdn.seasiacenter.com/assets/our-co-creators/2.webp
    Arbinger Institute
    Solve Your People Problems Every problem in business or life is a people problem. Mindset drives behavior and behavior drives outcomes. Solve your people problems by changing mindsets. Arbinger changes mindsets to reframe how you see others (and yourself) and how you work and live with them.
    Leadership & Mindset
  • Logo ofhttps://web-cdn.seasiacenter.com/assets/our-co-creators/3.jpg
    Collaborate Better, Innovate Faster Learning can be, and should be, fun. From building collaborative teams to rediscovering your creativity and customer focus, Tirian prove you can deliver serious outcomes with interactive and immersive learning experiences. So, put the fun back into your learning.
    Experiential Learning
  • Logo ofhttps://web-cdn.seasiacenter.com/assets/our-co-creators/4.webp
    J2N Global
    Build Change Agility with Respect, Trust, & Influence In an age of continuous disruptive change, change agility is essential. But change is hard for a reason. Most people are wary, reluctant, stuck, or outright resistant to it. To lead change, you need to lead with Respect, Trust, and Influence.
    Experiential Learning
  • Logo ofhttps://web-cdn.seasiacenter.com/assets/our-co-creators/5.webp
    Erickson coaching international
    Don’t Just Have a Conversation, Have a Solution-Focused Conversation Be a better leader by connecting work with people’s values to give it meaning. Facilitate solution-focused conversations to help people find their own answers. Empower people to engage with and execute their work with confidence.
    Leadership & Mindset
  • Logo ofhttps://web-cdn.seasiacenter.com/assets/our-co-creators/6.jpg
    Psytech international
    People Are Different, Discover How We all understand that everyone is different but knowing ourselves and others better means we make better choices, find a career we love, put the right person on the right job, and build better teams and leaders. Our personal assessments give you this insight.
    Experiential Learning
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    Extended DISC
    Read Others with Style, Communicate with Influence Learn to recognize the behavioral styles of your family, friends, and colleagues. Adjust how you communicate and interact to align with their behavioral preferences and see your relationships transform and your influencing skills soar.
    Experiential Learning
  • Logo ofhttps://web-cdn.seasiacenter.com/assets/our-co-creators/12.jpg
    Help You Need, When You Need It When you’re stuck and short of time, you need practical help on demand. Our microlearning courses give just enough of just what you need, just when you need it. Across a wide range of professional skills, learn ‘how’ in just a few minutes, then just go and do it.
    Experiential Learning
  • Logo ofhttps://web-cdn.seasiacenter.com/assets/our-co-creators/14.webp
    New Skills Academy
    Change Your Life with a New Skill Study one of 890+ career enhancing, confidence boosting courses with validated professional certification. Find your vocation, indulge a passion, or find a new hobby. From professional development to self-care or starting a business, we have something for everyone.
    Experiential Learning
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    Michigan Ross
    Business is the Most Powerful Force for Positive Change Ranked in the world’s Top 5 business schools, Ross faculty bring insights from practice and research to deliver actionable executive education. Working with SEAC enables deep contextualization and learning transfer in truly custom programs.
    Leadership & Mindset
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