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Blanchard created the SLII® program to develop leadership abilities and the capacity to successfully manage a variety of team styles in order to cater to the requirements and experiences of various team members. in order to enhance the team's capacity to accomplish the objectives established and produce the greatest outcomes for the company

A leadership style alone “cannot” drive high-performing teams

  • Teamwork at SEAC

    54% of all executives Regardless of the circumstance, employ a single leadership style

  • Group at SEAC

    50% of the time, organizations waste time working on the wrong leadership to satisfy the needs of teams and individuals

Increase leadership skills Leading the organization to success through the “SLII® course”

  • Problem Solving

    Take the initiative. To improve teamwork, maintain the correct frame of mind.

  • Problem Solving

    Establish a productive environment Make it a secure area. possess the freedom to reason, solve issues, create new things, and encourage cooperation.

  • Problem Solving

    Take the reins like no other leader. Establish appropriate work standards Always assisting colleagues when necessary.

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SLII® Course Developer

For more than 40 years, we have been the world's leadership and top personnel development company. The group's major objective is to concentrate on bringing about change within the organization. This is a fantastic illustration of change after completing leadership training

​SEAC (Seac) has been licensed to be the first and only official instructor in Thailand

Customers Voice

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Key Benefit

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    Leaders are inspirational. Choose to lead the team according to the situation. Improves team performance

Suitable for

  • Middle Management
  • Junior Management
  • Team leader and subordinates
SEAC course is suitable for

Learning Style

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    Face-to-Face Classroom

    (FYI center or In-house)

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    Online Learning​​

Transfer learning with specialists (Trainers)​

SEAC carefully chooses and develops all of our trainers to make sure they can deliver the best and most effective learning experiences to learners.

  • Phinyarphat


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