Responsible for facilitating cross-cultural communication through the process of converting one language into a different language to ensure meaningful and accurate communication between two parties who do not speak the same language.

Job Responsibilities

  • Render messages from one language to another accurately, without omissions and additions, and maintaining message content, context, and styles as much as possible.
  • Facilitate effective communication between two parties what do not speak the same language by converting one spoken language to another
  • Maintain professional demeanor in presentation and communication style
  • Know industry specific terminology, referencing glossaries and research materials
  • Ability to explain and interpret idiomatic expressions and cultural nuances
  • Ability to interpret using consecutive and/or simultaneous mode of interpretation
  • Serve as a cultural and linguistic resource to contribute to successful outcomes
  • Manage work schedule to meet deadlines.



  • Experience and knowledge in interpretation and translation from Thai to English and English to Thai
  • Must be a native Thai speaker and fluent in English. Superior oral and written language skills, knowledge of grammar and composition in Thai and English is required
  • Education in languages, translation, interpretation or related field preferred
  • Understanding of cultural, social and linguistic communication factors is required
  • Must be teamwork focused, flexible to meet scheduling needs and handle unpredictable changes

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