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Marketing Strategist

The research assistant (RA) will have primary responsibility for assisting in a research project studying coordination and collaboration in the selected industries.


Job Responsibilities:


  • Participate in data collection (including writing field notes and conducting interviews)
  • Participate in regular discussions about observations.
  • Maintain accurate records of interview, safeguarding the confidentiality of subjects, as necessary
  • Attend research meetings and participate in other activities as needed in support of the research projects.
  • Travel to field sites to collect and record data as appropriate to the specific objectives of the study
  • Review and edit data to ensure completeness and accuracy of information; follow up with subjects to resolve problems or clarify data collected
  • Compile data for progress research report


  • Be able to work independently, see projects through to completion, and be prepared for the priorities and demands of field research
  • Excellent communication and computer skills (word, excel, etc.) are essential.
  • Be a native Thai speaker and have demonstrated speaking, reading, and writing proficiency in English (either as a native or bilingual English speaker or having demonstrated professional competence in English).
  • Either experience conducting academic or applied research.
  • Upload your CV/Resume or any other relevant file. Max file size: 50 MB.