The outward mindset is about altering perspectives to build a more unified business vision. Employees focus on the organization’s objectives and results as a whole, rather than their own personal goals. It inspires employees to be more responsible, considerate, and helpful towards others and cultivates a culture of collaboration, mutual respect, and shared objectives.

By taking part in the outward mindset training courses from SEAC, managers and employees will learn to be supportive of each other to reach shared goals.  They will begin to develop a seamless way of working together that focuses on each other’s strengths to best realize the aims of the organization.

In recognizing the strengths of their co-workers, outward mindset training teaches employees to streamline their work processes and involve those who are best suited to carrying out each type of work process.  Employees learn the value of collaboration. The course teaches tools employees can use to foster a collaborative atmosphere in your organization. These tools are used to help employees plan their tasks, work through both individually and as teams to best resolve their working differences to achieve the best results for the organization.

The outward mindset development course is an immersive 1 or 2-day program, developed alongside global thought leaders in management practice from the Arbinger institute. The program has been tailored to executive and management level professionals tasked with increasing organizational efficiency, improving corporate culture or developing talent. The course is a highly interactive experience involving a variety of teaching methods, including videos, individual and group exercises, self-reflection, one-to-one sharing exercises, and practical application of the tools and frameworks discussed in real-world cases.

The course trains executives to look at an individual employee’s strengths as part of a sum of the advantages of the organization and to utilize these strengths most efficiently to realize the goals of the organization. It also provides insight into how managers and executives can encourage an ongoing sense of accountability and collaboration. Outward mindset training should be a mandatory training course for all forward-thinking organizations



A Completely New Organizational Mindset – An outward mindset effectively alters the lens through which employees view work, their relationships, and the world. It helps them to form more positive attitudes and behaviors, both personally and professionally.


Enhanced Corporate Culture – Incorporating more positive social values – such as respect for others, self-awareness and accountability – contributes to a more open corporate culture, which drives revenues and reduces costs.


Improved Collaboration – Stronger and richer relationships between employees and departments improves cross-functional interactions, reduces conflict, and drives team productivity towards successful outcomes.

Who Should Attend?


Business Leaders and C-Suite Executives

Looking to inspire organizational change and drive a more harmonious corporate culture to recognize cost efficiencies, enhance profitability, and improve leadership competencies.


Senior/Mid-Level Managers

Wishing to accelerate the development and productivity of employees, and reduce HR costs by increasing employee retention rates.

Leaders of All Levels

Leaders of All Levels

Looking to further develop their leadership style to inspire higher performance in their teams, and ultimately increase their own capacity for management and project delivery.