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The four essential ways of learning that maximize your learning potential, engagement, and outcomes
When the right levels of interactivity, pace, content and context are well orchestrated to your learning journey, it accelerates your cognitive and competency development. An innovative process that weaves 4 essential ways of learning to deliver maximum effectiveness for learners.
4Line Learning
Curated self-organized learning of key concepts, theory, models, and background before joining a learning experience.
  • Move through curated and highly relevant articles, videos, and e-learning at their own pace and schedule. ​
  • Learn theory and background from dynamic learning anytime, anywhere, platform-based experiences.
How is it experienced?
  • Primarily experienced digitally (e.g. Podcast, E-Learning, Article PDF, Micro-learning) to teach new concepts and knowledge, or test knowledge via a quiz. ​​
  • Focused on delivering new information around the mindsets, skillsets, and behavior required. ​​
  • One-way, non-interactive events, whether live or recorded. ​
What Our Learner Says
  • Suphicha Nartnampong
    Online content is applicable. Online self-learning helps build foundations and understanding that can be extended through different formats of learning. I learned from different Online references such as reading materials and clips. When I come to the workshop, I have the opportunity to exchange knowledge and real experiences with other learner of diverse experience and generations.
    Suphicha Nartnampong
    Junior college student, B.A. in Language and Culture, Chulalongkorn University
  • Siraphob Chatchaipholrat
    I am impressed with this course. Online content is intensive, with pre-assessment, quizzes to check my understanding periodically, and a summary at the end. The workshop is engaging, which makes me like it even better because it helps me apply what I learned. This allows me to practice and reflect on the knowledge obtained from online learning.
    Siraphob Chatchaipholrat
    HR Recruiter at Cosmos
  • Thitapat Kongpattanayothin
    Online learning alone makes me feel isolated. It does not motivate me​ to learn. But SEAC course allows me to also participate in the workshop activities with others. Even if it’s done virtually, I am engaged and feel happy to learn when I know that there are others learning along with me. Once you learn the concept, you must also be able to apply it. It’s like football. If you know but never practice, you cannot do it. In this course ​we are equipped with techniques that can be applied in real life or work.​ I now feel much more confident.
    Thitapat Kongpattanayothin
    Senior college student
What Our Trainer Says
  • James R. Engel
    The big shift here is from trainer, topic and event focused-learning to learner skillset, mindset, toolset, context focus.
    James R. Engel
    Chief Learning Architect and Co-creator of 456 Smart Learning
  • Karin Posapiwatana
    Many learners appreciate how smart learning through our 4 Lines has elevated the quality of learning. Knowledge from Online is further enhanced by In-line interactive workshops contextualized to learners. Frontline tools extend their capability through learning-by-doing with their faces and places, and Beeline allows learners to connect, exchange and build on their knowledge and experiences with others.
    Karin Posapiwatana
    Executive Consultant
Sample Case
Integrating 4Line Learning into SMART Learning for Impact
Sample Program: Interview & CV Writing Certification
Learn any time, anywhere :
Build foundational knowledge through various online materials - reading articles, videos, and quizzes, at your own pace
Reflect & Try it out :
Reflect on what you learned and think about how you can apply it and create an impact in your situations with the tools and support provided throughout the program journey.
Share & Practice :
InLine • BeeLine • FrontLine
Bring what you've learned to the Learning Lab, share experiences, practice, and get feedback from peers, facilitators, or coaches.
Empower Lives Through Learning
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