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5Phase Development
Better Futures by Design
Whether in the workplace, school, higher education or training, learning has usually been 'pushed' to us by someone else's agenda. As learners it often seems irrelevant and disconnected from our needs and context.
With our 5Phase learning design, learners follow a path that ensures they are fully aware of the reason for why they are learning this, its importance, and its application in their context. Learners engage and commit because they can see the benefits and opportunities to apply new capabilities from the outset. Learners receive a practical measurement of outcomes and the next steps for development to build ongoing success.
The 5Phases serve as a 'bridge' that learners cross on the way to their own personal version of better.
Learning Phase
Phase 1: Introduce & Enroll
phase: 1
Phase 1: Introduce & Enroll
Learning is easiest when people are interested and engaged. In Phase 1, we get them excited by explaining why what they are learning matters and showing them how it can benefit them. When learners are motivated and see the value, they're more likely to buy into it. Here, we start to encourage and build a mindset of learning that makes people curious and eager to explore.
How this phase helps you?
  • Understand the importance of this program, your role in it, and how attending it can benefit you.
  • Recognize the significance of these skills, why this knowledge is vital, and why this program matters.
  • Activate your learning and planning skills to prepare yourself before the learning starts.
  • Understand the significance of attending the program and how it can contribute to your personal and professional development.
What our learners say
  • Learner of Growth Mindset Course
    I like the tools that summarize key learnings, making it easy to understand and apply. STAR application helps with my thought process. All the tools can be applied in real life. They enhance the online experience and differentiate (SEAC) from other (online courses).
    Learner of Growth Mindset Course
    Learning Manager of Leading Hotel
  • Kanchana Samipag
    I take online classes regularly and find it's hard to focus. SEAC's new learning design is good. It visualizes the overall journey - what I will learn, and what I have learned. It keeps challenging me to continue learning and planning my learning. Interval questions keep me focused and motivated. Everything in this course (Sales Foundation) is practical, including the VDO, content, frontline, podcast. It is worthwhile learning.
    Kanchana Samipag
    Manager, Front Office OZO North Pattaya
  • Nattapat Hobang
    I'm surprised with the User experience design. The learning journey is clear, unlike (what I experienced) before. There are clear steps explaining what Project Management is, how to manage and delegate teams. I've used the tools from this course, because they are useful for managing both big projects and small tasks. It helps the team to work systematically in project management.
    Nattapat Hobang
    Research & Development Betagro
  • Sutraporn Yanvisetpakdee
    Sales Foundation course's fun. There are activities, and podcast with new and good stories. The tests also help provoke our thoughts. It doesn't end when the course is completed, as there are goals to achieve. This helps me to focus on learning. Activities and the course content the course content stimulate life changes. I have applied this to my work and got good results. I have successfully closed new deals!
    Sutraporn Yanvisetpakdee
    Assistant Director of Sales Department Siam Piwat
What Our Trainer Says
  • Isara Yongpiyakul (IY)
    Time is tight these days for working people. I don't like being forced to spend days, even hours, being taught about something that I don't feel is essential. With 5Phase learning, we understand upfront that learning can empower us to do our job or relate to ourselves and others more effectively. We're more confident that after the learning, we will be able to do it right, and that's time worth investing!
    Isara Yongpiyakul (IY)
    Senior Expert Consultant
  • Dr. Siraya Kongsompong (Kay)
    5Phase Development changes the paradigm of learning design from an event to a journey, from theory to practice, from individual to collective, and from enrollment to inspiration! It's an unparalleled design framework that holistically engages learners and brings them to the future of learning.
    Dr. Siraya Kongsompong (Kay)
    Principal Consultant
Sample Case
Transforming Conventional e-Learning to a Holistic SMART Learning Experience
  • program-0
    17 July 2021
    5 min reading
    Sample Program : Growth Mindset
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