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Life at SEAC

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    SEAC Life

    Monthly communication town hall which we create in various theme based on festivals, trends, and events related to each month

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    Talk with MD

    Monthly talking session which you will earn opportunity to ask, talk, or discuss with managing director directly

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    SEAC Variety Space

    Monthly activities which bring you to explore new skills and enjoy good and relaxing time

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    Emerging Leader

    Monthly activities which bring you to explore new skills and enjoy good and relaxing time

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    X-shaped Specialist

    Monthly activities which bring you to explore new skills and enjoy good and relaxing time


Greeting from MD

Arinya Talerngsri (Kwan)
Managing Director and Founder of SEAC
"For Thai organizations to be at the forefront, their people must embrace lifelong learning. SEAC wants to be an organization that helps to bring out the potentials of Thai people because we believe that Thai people have the potentials that are no less than others in the world.​"

What you get


Health Insurance​

Covering medical, dental and accident from the first day of working with us.


Annual Leave​

Vacation leave. Here we work hard and play hard. ​


Provident Fund​​

So that you don't have to worry when you get older.​​


Long Service Award​​

We appreciate people who work with us. ​​


Financial Support​​

For the wedding, funeral ceremony. Because we care.​​


Mobile Allowance​​

We also have got you covered.​​


Flexible Working Environment​​

We provide the best environment for the best performance.​​


Full Access of YourNextU​​

We empower our people to life-long learning mindset to unleash limitless possibilities.​​



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    SEAC encourages me to bring out my skills and use them to the fullest potential. It allowed me to work in an environment that drives us never to stop improving ourselves continuously to be ready for changes and challenges. Also, it allowed me to grow my skills by trying and putting my hands on new things in various areas.
    Damisa Kasemset (Fay)
    Sales and Marketing Manager
    Sub Business Channel: Government/SOE​
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    Here, “We see people as people” made me enjoy working here. Everyone here is lovely, and I can be myself. Importantly, I never thought I would work in such a diverse place. I got to develop my skills and become a better version of myself.
    Thirawat Loetwanitkun (Jinny)
    Graphic Designer
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    SEAC is a highly flexible workplace. My team taught and empowered me to be fully accountable for our work. At the same time, team members support each other. We can adjust our approaches to fit the situation best. This allows us to learn and grow. Most importantly, we are encouraged to share our ideas and perspectives. Our colleagues and executives are open-minded and willing to listen to our initiatives and opinions.
    Yanin Mahisarakul (Cake)
    Product Design and Development
Empower Lives Through Learning
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