A flexible learning ecosystem providing unique personalized capability development solutions and internationally accredited certifications.

Organizational & People Transformation

Solutions designed and customized to local organizations' context to develop organizations and people to meet rapidly evolving needs.

Research Consortium

Bringing together a diverse range of leading Thai companies to support research with world-renowned educational institutes on topics essential to Thailand’s future prosperity.


Empower lives through learning

In a world of constant change, we also need to move with change to succeed.

To achieve constant success, we need to constantly develop through ‘upskilling’ by strengthening our current skills and ‘reskilling’ by developing new skillsets. Together, this constant process of development is what keeps us relevant in the changing needs of our world.

SEAC helps with just that – we aim to empower people at all stages of life to constantly develop themselves to rise above change and provide the means to grow. A leading learning community that provides you with world-class content, unique learning experiences, and practical courses


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