September 6, 2018

5 reasons why you should speak the new language of leadership 

We communicate with one another through language. Whether it is in the form of speech, written text or body language, we are able to communicate with one another, even across nations. 

Leadership is a language itself. We use it to communicate and direct our people in the organization towards achieving strategic goals and objectives, and building business success. But the reality of world is, leadership is usually seen as a one-size-fits-all approach. We bunch people up – our people or our customers – and categorize them as one whole similar group, when in reality each individual has their differences. 

Now, as business leaders, you don’t usually have the luxury of time to speak with every individual to truly understand them. At the same time though, you cannot expect that your business grow if you lead your people in one single way. 

So with the new language of leadership, it humanizes you and allows you to adapt and interact with those around you with better understanding and insight. It is not about being nice, sympathetic or weak – it is all about empathy.  

Here’s 5 reasons why you should speak the new language of leadership: 

1. You gain  a new set of glasses to see what others see  

With the new language of leadership, you gain a new tool – a pair of glasses. But this is not just a simple pair of glasses you get from your optometrist or optician; it allows you to be able to see what others see and gain better understanding of how they view the world. 

2. You become a perceptive leader

The new tool will also make you a more perceptive leader. It is one thing to be able to see what others see, but it is another to truly understand what they’re going through. This is possible only when you understand yourself and your biases, and understanding that there’s more to what you perceive. 

3. You become a solution-designer for complex problems 

With practice, you’ll be able to design solutions to solve problems, even the complex ones with the new language of leadership. This leadership language is all about deep understanding for others and their different perspectives – this opens up your eyes to different ways of solving problems.  

4. You become an adaptive chameleon 

The world changes fast – you, as a business leader, must be able to sense urgency and adapt as fast as a chameleon. Because the new language of leadership entails adapting to different situations, practicing this will make you a master at adapting.

5. You can unlock greater potential as a business leader 

Through the new language of leadership, a new set of tools you gain, and of course with consistency and practice, you can unlock your greater potential to become an even greater leader. 

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