February 21, 2019

9 skills to develop in 2019

The world keeps changing and the business landscape with it. The world has seen the prehistoric invention of wheels, the discovery of electricity, and the very smartphone or the computer you’re reading this from. These advancements were possible because of the skills our early predecessors learned. They constantly learned and developed themselves.

As much as the advancements we have been beneficial to us, they also somehow pose a threat to other elements. Technology, for one, is a great advancement that is constantly making our lives easier. However, it can take away one of the many things our lives depend on – our jobs.

While some jobs close, more will open. Because of this, we need to develop our skills so we can take on new jobs for the future. From research and studies done by LinkedIn and McKinsey, here are some of the essential skills to develop in 2019 to ready yourself for the future.

1. Collaboration

With AI replacing many tasks and technology supporting projects, the importance of working together effectively is growing. Bringing in each other’s strengths together to achieve something can be powerful.

2. Adaptability

Our world will always continue to change. This means we must be able to adapt to those changes smoothly.

3. Agility

The world isn’t just changing, it is also changing fast. We all need to be agile with our own development and work so we don’t get left behind.

4. Data Science

We cannot deny the power of Big Data. The skill demand for taking big data and making it into something understandable and feasible is definitely growing.

5. Business Analysis

Just as Big Data becomes more important, so does the use of the data to make data-driven business decisions. It’s logical and backed up with data, and we already see many businesses hiring the help of business analysts to support their future strategic decisions.

6. User Experience (UX) Design

The world is digitizing but that doesn’t mean everyone understands it or will be on board. We still need people to design a people-friendly user experience in the digital world. As people become distant, the more crucial UX Design is becoming.

7. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

This is a given, seeing as we’re already in the era of AI, automation and machine learning. Although a lot of jobs may be replaced by AI itself, more jobs maintaining these powerful machines will increase.

8. Natural Language Processing

This refers to the technology that supports the Google Home to Alexa from Amazon to manage your home appliances. Like AI, Natural Language Processing is growing rapidly. Technology like this still requires the brains behind the thought and creation.

9. Digital Marketing

With the rise of technology and all things digital, it comes to no surprise that marketing also needs to follow the digital path. Of course, some old ways are still relevant, but the need for digital marketing has been growing in the past few years.