July 4, 2018

AI Recruitment with Vodafone 

According to LinkedIn Global Recruiting Trends 2018[1], from a survey of 8,815 talent acquisition professionals and hiring managers worldwide, 76% say that AI will have an impact in recruitment in the future. 

Taking Vodafone, a UK-based multinational telecommunications company, as a case study, AI certainly have impacted – and will continue to impact – the world of human resources and talent acquisition. Among companies like Vodafone who have embraced AI in their recruitment process are Unilever and Intel. 

Vodafone has utilised HireVue – a video intelligence platform that helps recruiters scope the talent landscape with video interviewing, assessment and coaching. 

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So, how has the use of AI in the recruitment process affected Vodafone? 

  • Time for hiring has been reduced through the AI-powered video interviews 
  • A large reach when it comes to the talent pool, which means no geographical constraints 
  • The candidates’ soft skills can be assessed by Vodafone recruiters through the video interview and the AI-powered screening 

Although AI has progressively been used in the recruitment process, there is always the need for the ‘human touch’ in the process. In the end, people are still important and will continue to make the business successful. 


Further reading: 

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