May 18, 2018

‘Amway’ chooses ‘SEAC’ to implement region-wide

‘Amway’ chooses ‘SEAC’ to implement region-wide “Outward Mindset” training course in a perspective shift to put needs of others first for sustainable organisational success’

SEAC to train Amway’s executives and employees across Asia Pacific

With a passion for what it does and a focus on developing organisations and human resources in Thailand and ASEAN throughout its history, SEAC or South East Asia Center, the development centre for leaders and high-level executives, was recently entrusted by Amway to hold the ‘Outward Mindset’ special training course for the company’s senior executives and managers across the Asia Pacific region, covering Thailand, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia. The course supports a Servant Leadership initiative. Using Outward Mindset principles, Amway leaders can shift the corporate perspective to focus on putting the needs of others first, and unify efforts of internal people to empower Amway’s Business Owners to grow which leads the organisation to sustainable success. It is a further testament to the importance of infusing an outward mindset into every component of corporate life, to inspire the Amway team to change their perspective and work behavior to achieve corporate goal of delivering quality goods and services to customers via Amway’s Business Owners.

SEAC in collaboration with The Arbinger Institute, the US-based leading institution for organisation development and transformation, has devised and offered the ‘Outward Mindset’ concept, an important tool to prepare people in an organisation for a perspective change to unlock hidden behavior and the capability to lead the organisation to sustainable success.

Mrs. Arinya Talerngsri, Chief Capability Officer and Managing Director of SEAC, said, “We at SEAC have always said that good leadership requires, first and foremost, a Servant Leadership mindset. These are people who see leadership as something only achieved by satisfying the needs of employees and service recipients before anything else while encouraging employees to discover and develop their capabilities. This type of leaders, rather than leaders who think only of themselves, is good for the organisation. First and foremost you need to adopt an ‘Outward Mindset’ which means you think about the needs of others first. You can start by changing your perspective for the collective good. Always attach importance to others and our impact on others. This kind of thinking will lead your team to ask ‘What can we do to help each other for our organisation to succeed?’ It’s only then that you can change the corporate behavior and help everyone work efficiently and happily together. When people work for their own benefits less, the whole organisation will perform better and achieve success faster.”

“SEAC has trained more than 500 Amway’s senior executives and managers. We want them to learn extensively on a continuing basis and to put the knowledge into concrete action to effect real change to themselves and their organisation. We also offered ‘Train the Trainer’ course for internal trainers and counselors in their organisation to acquire an ‘Outward Mindset’ concept to enable them to train other people continually on their own,” Mrs. Arinya added.

Mrs. Kanokwan Siripaibulya, Regional Talent Development Head – APAC, Amway, said, “Servant Leadership has always been Amway’s cornerstone. The key to developing corporate leaders to achieve the concept lies in mindset change to realise that the goals and interests of other people are no less important than yours. Both Amway’s internal people and Amway’s Business Owners are at the heart of the company. In order to develop efficient mutual collaboration, leaders need to give equal importance to both parties to allow them to work together towards the corporate goal to ensure healthy success and growth in an organisation where everyone is a major force.”

SEAC’s Outward Mindset course has contributed to the strong and efficient potential development and achievement in business performance of customers like Amway. The Outward Mindset training course ensures that people truly realise the importance of change in mindset and work attitude. It can also lead to widespread corporate practice to add value to personnel and organisations.


Source: Bangkok Post