December 12, 2019

A disruptive mindset for a disruptive world

Think futuristically, and create belief in your ability to achieve the success you envision

Challenging your mindset is the first move you need to make in order to make big changes around you. Your mindset is a powerful tool that determines everything: what you believe to be right, your values and the actions you take according to the thought processes that got you to where you are today.

Where you are today may not be exactly where you want to be tomorrow, but the good news is that there is room for change through actions that will affect your future.

Your version of reality may be different from someone else’s. However, you have to stay true to yourself and what you believe in. For example, you might have a vision is to bring about equality in the workplace regardless of gender, race, religion, disability, etc. To bring about that kind of change, you will need to take into account many new beliefs and actions that will disrupt the status quo mindset.

Identify Your Disruptive Mindset

It is vital to think about the mindset that keeps the status quo alive in your personal or working life. What you think about on a consistent basis has a direct impact on your behaviour.

Learning to master your mindset could be the difference between moving forward and remaining stagnant. This ability separates those who are able to succeed from those who do not because of the barriers they have erected for themselves.

In order to achieve the success you envision, you must feel capable of achieving it. It should not matter what anyone else thinks. Self-esteem comes from within and determines how we perceive and evaluate our own self-worth.

Developing a healthy self-esteem also affects your character, reinforcing beliefs, feelings and attitudes. Therefore, become the quarterback of your mind. Plant seeds of positivity based on examples of greatness and inspiration, rather than being sceptical and filled with doubts.

Learn to Think Futuristically

If you have the ability to look past the events of today and into the possibilities of tomorrow, it’s a great stepping stone to bigger and better things. This skill allows you to think through everything with a broader perspective and a more optimistic mindset, increasing the chances of reaching a golden objective.

The old saying definitely holds true: “The optimist says the glass is half full, the pessimist says the glass is half empty.”

Basically, it all comes down to the way we give meaning to the events occurring in our lives. Leaders of tomorrow will need to be able to implement ideas and think one or more steps ahead of everyone else in order to thrive in a competitive and fast-changing world. With this in mind, you need to upskill and reskill to sharpen your capabilities in terms of predicting future changes, even before your competition makes a move.

The path to success is bound to include some roadblocks and rough patches; this is where your mindset comes into play, whether you will admit defeat or strive to move forward. Adversity tests one’s character and courage to push through the hardships. Developing a thick skin and facing each obstacle is part of the power of a resilient mindset.

Be Willing to Face Disruption

According to EY (Ernst & Young), disruption cannot be predicted but it can be anticipated. You can formulate different scenarios for the future in order to create a sense of urgency and educate colleagues, peers or your organisation about the implications of disruptive situations. This can help concentrate people’s attention and spark creative responses, leading to proactive innovation suited to the pace and scale of disruption.

Companies increasingly face a stark choice: disrupt or be disrupted. Recognising that the forces of disruption are inevitable is the first major step an organisation must take to prepare for it.

In order to strike back, you must identify where your assumptions and opinions will be challenged, and where your knowledge is deficient. This will help you and your workforce to focus on closing the knowledge gaps, enabling a positive mindset that can focus on the bigger picture and a brighter future.

Arinya Talerngsri is Chief Capability Officer and Managing Director at SEAC – Southeast Asia’s Lifelong Learning Center. She can be reached by email at or Explore and experience our lifelong learning ecosystem today at