June 20, 2017

Design Thinking at Marriott

Travel today is about authenticity, personalization, and the overall ‘experience’. Marriott has made the BCG list of ‘Most Innovative Companies’ through its response to the threat…and the opportunities.

How Marriott Made the List of ‘Most Innovative’ Companies with Design Thinking:

  • In addition to conducting design thinking ethnography and prototyping at its fixed Innovation Lab, Marriott has taken the process on the road with pop-up innovation labs.
  • Prototyped ideas are then sent for final testing at their dedicated ‘M-Beta’ Hotel in Charlotte.
  • Custom Millennial brands, such as Moxy, offer a unique experience to serve the Millennial’ needs for communal interaction, informality, photogenic décor for social media and authentic experiences.

Marriot’s ‘M-Live’ centers recognize that Marriott sees itself as a media company, as it needs to be to build and sustain relationships with a Millennial customer base.

Creative and authentic Content builds a Marriott Community and drives Commerce (room bookings).

Additional initiatives such as mobile check-in, member apps, and personalization of holiday experiences through ‘Marriott Traveler’ demonstrate Marriott’s innovation credentials.