June 20, 2017

Design Thinking at Zara

More than any other industry fashion is driven by trends. Zara’s ‘Rapid Fashion’ model allows them to continually scan for emerging trends and have a version on the rail in just a few weeks. They monitor what trendsetters are wearing and quickly give everyone an opportunity to get ‘on-trend’.

Through the concept of “Fast Fashion Retailers”, Zara has revolutionized competitiveness in the fashion industry through:

  • Minimizing stock.
  • Real time reactions to fashion trends.
  • Providing a reason for customers to drop in at least once every week – there’s always something new.


Zara introduces 2 new items every week, so there’s always a motivation for their mass customer base to call at the store. Slow lines are quickly pulled and there’s always something new and ‘edgy’ on the rail.