July 17, 2017

Design Thinking at Lego

LEGO took their long-term success for granted and lost touch with their customer’s desire to feel and see its products move with the times and offer a contemporary experience. This almost led to their bankruptcy.
They used Design Thinking to re-engage with their customers needs by:

  • Raising brand exposure and changing perceptions through touching storytelling.- including a hugely successful movie.
  • Providing opportunities for customers to engage directly with the brand by designing their own Lego products online.
  • Understanding the gender gap play experience, i.e. that girls prefer to spend less time building and more time role playing, to grow a new customer segment based on customer empathy.
  • Engaging with customers through multiple platforms, such as multi-media and online.


Through the application of “Design Thinking” LEGO has consistently improved performance and in 2016 it registered the highest revenue in the company’s 85-year history.