October 6, 2017

Entering a New Reality

Few people could ever have forecasted UBER’s disruption of the taxi industry or Apple’s domination in the mobile devices market. In our world today, disruption can strike any business, anywhere at any time, often leaving businesses that fail to rise above the disruption with a big question – where did I go wrong? The ability to effectively adapt in this disruptive, fast-changing world is crucial, not only for businesses to succeed, but also to survive. Our new reality is this – change is inevitable and happening at an increasingly rapid rate, and we either get left behind or innovate to rise above the disruption. In your near future, you will either be the disruptor or the disrupted.

‘Entering a New Reality’ highlighted the new environment, its challenges, and the possible solutions, through 4 key speakers and 3 interactive exhibition tours highlighting how to ‘Live, Learn, Lead’ in our new reality.


Bob Morley, Senior Vice President of Global Strategy at The Arbinger Institute addressed the first theme of ‘Live’. In order to change results, organizations should help their people change their mindset because mindset drives behavior and behavior drives results. Great performance comes from really seeing people as people – not as obstacles to what you want, ‘vehicles’ to be used to get what you want, or irrelevancies to be ignored –  and being outwardly focused on their needs, not just on your own needs. This can be realized by adapting and ‘living’ with an outward mindset. Bob shared a case study where a manager in Australia used the outward mindset to address a conflict with a colleague. Seeking to understand the other person’s needs and goals transformed the relationship and led to 42 million dollars of new business for the company. The outward mindset is an incredibly powerful tool and everyone has the ability to learn it. We can all transform ourselves, our personal lives, and our businesses by choosing to ‘Live’ with an outward mindset.


Andrew Grant, CEO of Tirian International Consultancy and co-author of best-selling books such as Who Killed Creativity?, spoke on the second theme of ‘Learn’. Andrew shared that, although an IMB survey of 15,000 CEOs worldwide found that creative thinking is the most important leadership competency required for the future, our CQ (Creativity Quotient) is actually falling. We are all born creative, and our IQ is actually increasing with every generation, but our creativity is diminishing – why is this? Andrew shared his diagnostic experiential learning tool to identify the key ‘suspects’ that are responsible for killing creativity in adults; ranging from pessimism and control, through to work pressure and anxiety – and also where it happens in your business. In the interactive exhibition Andrew demonstrated how to get creativity back by identifying and removing these roadblocks to creativity; which is crucial to thriving in disruption.


From The Ken Blanchard Companies, Joni Wickline, Vice President of International Growth, and Paul Murphy, Hong Kong-based Director of Channel Sales, addressed the final theme of ‘Lead’. Paul shared that effective leaders hold the key to organizational success in our new reality. Leaders impact success in 3 critical areas. The first critical area is goal clarity and alignment. Many leaders still see communication on goals as an annual event rather than the framework for continuous dialogue. Goals should be clear, compelling and documented so that the leader understands how to help and support his/her people. In order to have these effective discussions around goals the leader must be effective in the second critical area  which is being aware of his/her own leadership style and developing the ability to flex styles to match subordinates and changing contexts. When done well, this helps to support the third critical area of facilitating trust-based and transparent conversations around goals. Paul highlighted the impact of great operational leadership on organizational vitality and the ‘leadership profit chain’. He captured this with the memorable quote, “Results are the applause you get by taking care of your people”.


South East Asia Center (SEAC) – Your Bridge to the New Reality

In order to stay on top of the game in the ‘new reality’ that we have described organizations must be able to embrace change in order to grow.  The world is changing right before our eyes and it is now more important than ever to stay head in this new reality – our new reality. The question each organization must ask in order to succeed is, “Are we ready to radically change the way we live, learn and lead?”

With a strong belief in the potential and possibility of businesses in this region, SEAC has opened a new chapter in accelerating change and innovation in this new ASEAN reality.  It is crucial to have the capability to lead an organization through this changing environment, to be able to innovate ways to keep moving forward, to disrupt before being disrupted, and to make the necessary changes for a better future. SEAC partners with leading international solution providers including The Arbinger Institute, Ken Blanchard Companies, Michigan Ross School of Business, and Tirian International to bring world-class solutions to businesses in order to lead, innovate, disrupt and change. Together, we can join forces to develop your leaders and accelerate change throughout the ASEAN region in order to stand tall and thrive in our new reality.