April 15, 2020

Work from home tips: How do I manage distractions?

In this blog post, we’ll tackle some ways to overcome our daily distractions, especially when working from home.


The moment we get up in the morning, we already have the first distraction of the day: our phones. Throughout the day, we continue to struggle with many other types of distractions that pull us away from our tasks. Distractions can be easier to manage, while others pull us into long periods of procrastination.


New tasks can also become distractions. What ends up happening is a pile-up of unfinished tasks. But just like procrastination, it’s normal for us to shift our focus towards what distracted us. The faster we realize this, the better for us. Here are some great ways to manage our daily distractions.


Get up like it was an ordinary workday at the office


Resist the temptation to work throughout the day with your pajamas on. Allow yourself to get refreshed by a shower and having your breakfast as you would normally do when getting ready to go to the office. As far as work-from-home is concerned, you’re still working. The only difference is you don’t have to commute to the office anymore.


Dedicate a working space


Set up a dedicated working space that is semi-free from noise and random distractions that could potentially come up. Little things matter too, for example setting up your beverage and snacks beforehand so you don’t get up and getting distracted too often. Think about how to make yourself relaxed but not so much so that you end up falling asleep.


Create a daily schedule and a to-do list


Sometimes, what helps is knowing you’ll be doing first thing in the morning. Preparing a schedule and having a to-do list doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to be rigid with it but it gives you some idea of the tasks to do that particular day. Of course, you’ll have sudden meetings and sudden urgent tasks that come in, and having a to-do list helps you get back on track once those are done.


Maintain some level of pressure with deadlines


Some people work best under pressure but because you’re working from home, you don’t have the pressures of your boss or colleague. Setting deadlines for tasks doesn’t only set some level of pressure, it also gives you a visual timeline of the things you need to get done.


Talk to your household members


Let your family or roommates know that even though you’re staying home now, it doesn’t mean you’re working any less. Keep open communication with them about meeting times and when not to come over to you. It is, however, test and trial and there’ll be some slip-ups but stay patient and keep communication open.


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