March 28, 2019

Don’t know what to learn? Begin with these 5 skills!

We’ve all come across this dilemma. We want to learn more, improve ourselves and better our skills. But sometimes, we don’t even know how to begin or what to learn. So while we’re figuring out what to learn, we forget to even begin and our learning muscle slowly weakens.

Here are some universal skills you can develop and strengthen while figuring out what you want your learning focus to be.


Practice drowning out toxic and negative thoughts and amplify your motivating voice. We can make all the excuses to arrive late at a meeting, not go to the gym, or put aside that book we want to finish. But what happens when we complete it? It is liberating – you feel that sense of accomplishment. Motivate and discipline yourself to be accountable for your decisions. When you do this, you also develop a good habit.


We all know how to communicate but not all of us know how to effectively communicate. Strengthening this skill is an everyday agenda. The thing is, we communicate with different people differently depending on the person and the context of the situation. There’s a different tone or a different language, and understanding this is important if we want to effectively work with others.


We were all born with this skill. Yet, as we get older, we tend to lose this. Why is that? The problem is that as we grow up, we learn to conform to certain societal rules and forget that our minds know no limit. We practice doing things a certain way because that is what is expected of us. Practicing creativity is a great way to exercise your mind to come up with better ideas and even solve problems in a better way.


Humans are naturally empathetic because we feel things. Some are better at reading and responding to other people’s emotions while others are completely oblivious. We can learn to become empathetic and it’s important to do so because it helps us open our minds to other people’s perspectives and understand things from their point of view. It promotes collaboration and understanding.

Actual Physical Strength

Yes, you read it right – physical strength. What does that have to do with anything? First, people are working long hours, day in and out each week, stuck at their desks, their eyes fixated on their computers and slowly lose physical strength – the very strength that allows us to get up in the morning and do all the things you love. Second, it ties in with your health. No matter how hard you work, it won’t matter if you allow yourself to lose your health.

What other skills do you think should be on the list?