February 8, 2019

Falling in love with learning

Think back of a time when you saw the cute girl or handsome guy that you like. Oh, how your heart melted! Your heartbeat raced, your palms got sweaty, your breathing got short, and your mind began to run wild on the thoughts of the rest of your life with this very person.

Okay, maybe not to that extent, but you do remember the feeling of fluttering butterflies in your stomach and your face warming up whenever you see her or him. You always look forward to seeing and spending time with them.

This Valentine’s Day, let’s learn to fall in love with learning. I know – the first thought(s) in your mind right now is/are probably:

Ugh, no, I’ll never ‘love’ learning, or

Learning sounds boring, or

Learning only happens in schools and that wasn’t always that fun.

And, I’ll say this: you can definitely learn to love learning – you just haven’t figured it out yet. Above and beyond learning to love learning, you’re showing yourself the ultimate sign of love through building yourself and adding more value to the already valuable you. So, this Valentine’s Day – or any day of the year, really – show yourself some love, give learning a chance and try these 6 simple tips.

Figure out what you love to do

Learning can be associated with something you love by doing the things you already love. If you enjoy playing sports or even video games, associate learning like a game. If you get bored easily or just enjoy rest during your time off, section your learning into bite-sized pieces and put breaks in between.

If you don’t know what you enjoy doing yet, go out and experiment

Sometimes, you might probably haven’t even figured out what you love in life just yet. So, it’s the perfect opportunity to go out and try new things. Thought about traveling to a new country but never did so or trying that new blended learning platform you saw on an ad? Try it out!

Clarify this in your mind: Learning isn’t limited to a classroom setting

Learning is and has never been limited to the four walls of a classroom. You can learn from networking events, books and even through daily conversations. When you associate learning with something boring, you’ll definitely only see it as something boring. Adjust your mindset towards learning and you’ll see it in a new light.

Bring in your friends and family – involve those you love

It’s not always fun learning by yourself. Involving your loved ones in the process doesn’t only add in a motivator but it also adds in a different perspective. When learning new things, other people can spark debates or bring in different ideas. This makes learning a lot more fun and engaging.

Make it part of your daily life

Learning should be a part – even if it’s a small part – of your day. When you make learning a habit, it comes naturally for you to learn on a daily basis. You lose the negative feelings you may have towards it and it just becomes a part of who you are.

Give it time

Like anything good in this world, you’ve got to give it some time. You need to be patient and nurture your love for learning. Anyone can learn to love learning if they give time and effort.

You may not be able to force love but you sure can learn to love learning. So, go ahead and give these tips a try, and fall in love with learning.