April 9, 2019

How do I motivate myself to learn?

Sometimes, you may find yourself demotivated to learn. You end up pushing learning for a later time, and we are all guilty of this at one point or another. It completely normal to procrastinate but pushing learning aside for too long can be bad.


Think of your brain as if it were a muscle. You need to constantly work out at the gym to strengthen and maintain your muscles. The brain, in the same manner, requires you to continuously learn to strengthen it, so the longer you put aside learning, the more it weakens.


The tip to motivate yourself to learn is to change up some aspects of your learning. Consistency is great in certain aspects such as scheduling learning to build a habit, but in other cases, it’s best to change it up because the likely reason for you to put aside learning is that you’re bored with it.


Here are some things to change so you’re better motivated to learn.


  • Vary your learning content

Some topics may be boring in nature because it requires a full understanding of basics and theory. When this happens, you can reschedule your learning through the week to include a variety of other topics you already enjoy.


  • Vary your learning space

The space you’re learning may sometimes start to get boring too. Changing up your learning space to reduce boredom, whether it’s a physical space or switching up between in-class learning and online. Bringing up boring topics with theory related content, you can even mix up varying your learning content with varying your learning space.


  • Learn with others

Learning with other people such as your friends and colleague could be a great way to change up both learning content and space. It is engaging but also prompts you to open your mind to different people’s perspectives. It also promotes healthy debate.


With all those things in mind, a great approach that integrates all this is blended learning. By definition, blended learning is the use of online learning courses as well as in-classroom learning. But, blended learning can still stretch further towards networking, reading. Depending on your preference, you can mix and match the type of learning you prefer. It doesn’t only motivate you to learn but also gives you control in your learning.

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