July 30, 2018

Innovation at Apple: AI and Recycling

Apple is widely regarded as one of the leading companies in the field of innovationTheir innovative products range from smartphones and laptops to accessories such as watches. But one of their recent innovation is not simply a producthe’s a robot designed for recycling and they call him Liam. 

“True innovation means considering what happens to a product at every stage of its life cycle.” 

Apple’s Liam is an AI innovation with the purpose of deconstructing iPhones when it is no longer of use. Each part are separated when deconstructed and are all recycled. 

So, how does Apple constantly innovate? The answer is design thinking. 

There are many definitions and models of design thinking. From Stanford d.school, design thinking is a “creative methodology for creative problem solving”, and it comprises of 5 stages: empathize, define, ideate, prototype and test. 

Whether it was Liam or any of their products, Apple goes through a form of design thinking to successfully innovate. And in our world today where resources are getting scarcer by the second, innovations like Liam could just be one of the answers towards saving our planet.