January 10, 2019

New Year, new me? Maybe next year!

Why do we fall back on our New Year commitments and how to get back on track?


We’ve entered the New Year! There are a lot of things to look forward to and a lot of the fresh-start feeling going around. As a very popular saying goes: New Year, new me!

But, months, weeks or even days later, many of us fall back to the same old ways.

Going to the gym more to get that body you want.

Reading more to expand your knowledge.

Or becoming more positive in life.

These are common new year resolutions we find ourselves rewriting year after year. Though some are able to achieve these goals, many of us can’t do it.

Our need for change is normal, but so is falling back into that comfortable routine. After all, we’re all humans. Although we like new things, we tend to avoid having to adapt to the change that comes with it.

The same goes for LEARNING. Alongside the want for better things in life, we also want to BECOME better at in certain skills. We’re unable to commit to learning even if we want to become better at speaking English or playing the piano.


Here’s why we fall back.

Old habits die hard

Our old routines or way of living is hard to let go especially if we’ve been living a certain way all our lives. And to change that? We can try but we can’t keep consistent. Sometimes it’s because it bothers the rest of our usual routine, but other times, it’s because we’ve become bored.

How to fix this? Mindset matters! You have control over your own decisions and if it matters, you need to push yourself because no one else will.


Practice? No thanks!

Sometimes, practicing doesn’t seem fun. Remember the ‘keep consistent’ thing? Well, most of us cannot keep up! To master or become an expert in a subject or skill, you need to practice – but repetition can be boring.

How to fix this? Try to schedule different goals in a day or week so you’re not doing the same thing too often to the point of boredom. Click here for more tips!


It takes so much time!

Mastery relies on being consistent in practicing a skill or subject. But, it doesn’t happen in a couple of days or weeks. It could take months or years to master and you might feel it takes too much time and effort to master. Is it even worth it?

How to fix this? Set small sub-goals under your main goal. this way, you’re slow to make progress and making achievements along the way.



Change or new things can be overwhelming, especially if you’re quick to dive into the deep end. You’ll become overwhelmed with it that at the end, you no longer want to do it – it becomes too much to handle.

How to fix this? Keep things in small chunks, but keep consistent. Progress may be slower than you want but this is the only way. You’ll able to work towards keeping the habit AND not become overwhelmed.


Next time you take a look at your New Year resolutions, remember: you can do it! The question is, will you allow yourself to fall back?