July 25, 2018

Nurturing the right mindset 

In the book, Trap Tales: Outsmarting the 7 Hidden Obstacles to Success, author David Covey suggests that there is a trap that we fall into that is related to our mindset – the relationship trap. This trap is closely related to a concept developed by the Arbinger Institute. The concept describes two types of mindsets and one of which is closest to the married single’s “me” approach and mindset – the inward mindset. 

  • Loss of focus on organizational results 
  • Negative effect on organizational effectiveness
  • Negative effect on behavior 


Because getting stuck in the relationship trap is dangerous, we must get out of it through unconventional ways which is by establishing a shared vision of goals with your people, and adapting the other mindset by Arbinger – the outward mindset. 


The key point of the outward mindset is nurturing that kind of thinking that drives collective results in people. Rather than a “me” approach in the inward mindset, the outward mindset encourages a “we” approach.