April 29, 2020

Prepare to get back on track with Growth Mindset

Let’s get back on track with this blog series! Learn and practice the skills that will help you pick up from where you left off – whether it’s your career or business – after the covid-19. In this part of the series, let’s practice Growth Mindset.


Think about a beautiful house, with amazing technological features, a charming exterior architecture, and grand interior decorations. The house is magnificent. But, if you take a closer look, all those things won’t matter if the house is not set on strong foundations. It may look great now but what happens 5-10 years down the line? The house may sink to the ground or it may collapse.


Mindset works the same way. We can develop many different skillsets, look, and feel great and feel unstoppable. But what happens when you face failure after failure without a strong mindset? Like the house, we end up falling thinking that failure is the end of the road.


Mindset matters. It is how we view the world and the people around us. Although in ideal situations, mindset should be nurtured since infancy, it doesn’t mean as adults we cannot exercise a strong mindset. One of the many concepts of mindset is Growth Mindset. This was first coined by Carol Dweck, American Psychologist and Professor at Stanford University.


According to Carol Dweck, we function in 2 mindsets – fixed and growth. The voice inside your head that tells you that you don’t have the capabilities to learn a new language or take on a new musical instrument is your fixed mindset. The other voice telling you to believe in yourself and learn from the journey towards mastering a language or musical instrument is your growth mindset.


In different scenarios and at different times, one mindset might override the other. But, to prepare yourself for new challenges that may come after the covid-19 pandemic and achieve success, we’ll need a stronger growth mindset.


Here are some ways to practice growth mindset:


Learn from mistakes and failures


We’re all humans and we make mistakes constantly. It’s a normal part of everyday life. Of course, we tend to get upset and blame ourselves or others when it happens. But, growth mindset tells us that there’s a lesson to learn from those mistakes and failures. As cliché as it may sound, we cannot succeed if we don’t fail first. It teaches us how to avoid those mistakes or tackle them better when we do face them again.


Value the journey more than the destination


Growth mindset is all about learning new things and growing and the journey itself is what matters. Committing to your goals doesn’t mean rushing into achieving them by slaving away. Enjoying the process and growing on the way is what prepares you for the adversities to come,


Turn all adversities as opportunities to grow


Every criticism, mistake, or failure should be seen as an opportunity to grow. Without it, we may never understand where we stand and we’ll never learn new things. Before Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg found success, they didn’t achieve this overnight. They met failure after failure, endless criticisms, and a long list of mistakes before they saw success. Even today, successful people still make mistakes and fail, but that doesn’t stop them. They use each mistake and failure as their opportunity to grow.


Get out of your comfort zone


Change and growth can happen when you push yourself beyond your limits. Growth mindset tells us to try something new, even if it means getting a bit uncomfortable. It is with the discomfort that allows us to understand our passions, strengths, and those things we need to work on.



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