January 30, 2018

Thai Business in the Age of Disruption

We all face Disruption

We also face economic shifts, and government regulations which means that the old ways of doing business are no longer viable. While none of this is new as markets have always changed over time, what is new is the speed and scale of change.


Disruption, however, is not entirely a bad thing, despite the threats established for companies who do not respond. Disruption refers to change or risk, creating opportunities for both startups and giants to innovate and achieve fast growth through new technology or business models. It requires a new kind of “sense-making” to recognize the key changes that you face. It requires you to “screen” or “scan” your environment and customers regularly to get important information on upcoming trends and shifts in preferences. The risks are internal as well as external. It is unfortunately true that disruptive innovators are not welcome in some organizations; leaders think they’re getting the numbers, why bother? It is difficult to get people uncomfortable, and disruption requires this.


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