January 30, 2018

The Power of Partnership: Why do some strategic alliances succeed, while others fall?

Understanding the ways in which companies in a supply chain improve performance by forging strategic links with other firms requires a close look at the nature of the relationships and how the partners behave. Strategic alliances have become a common feature of supply chains, with managers of companies along the chain integrating their processes to enhance competitiveness.


Yet research shows that alliances do not guarantee success – and little is known about why some strengthen the market position of the partners while others do not.


Evelyne Vanpoucke and Ann Vereecke set out to understand which aspects of an alliance are more likely to deliver success. Their paper – “The Predictive Value of Behavioural Characteristics on the Success of Strategic Alliances” – explores how behavioural features of an alliance – such as trust and commitment, and how partners communicate and manage the relationship – impact performance.


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