January 30, 2018

Thinking Crafting the Employee Experience



Josh Bersin, Marc Solow, Nicky Wakefield

February 29, 2016


Design thinking takes aim at the heart of unnecessary workplace complexity by putting the employee experience first—helping to improve productivity by designing solutions that are at once compelling, enjoyable, and simple.


Employees are overwhelmed with technology, applications, and a constant flood of information. Deloitte research shows that people collectively check their phones more than 8 billion times each day,1 yet productivity is barely rising.2 To relieve the overwhelmed employee and develop HR applications that can help manage complexity, HR must adopt design thinking, which puts the employee experience at the center.3 Design thinking moves HR’s focus beyond building programs and processes to a new goal: designing a productive and meaningful employee experience through solutions that are compelling, enjoyable, and simple.


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