October 25, 2018

The 4 elements of a learning ecosystem 

In any organization, building a strong and solid learning ecosystem is vital towards business growth. The elements of a learning ecosystem consists of: 

1. Mindset
Reflect and understand your own mindset. This ensures that you are able to understand both your strengths to make full use of and weaknesses to continuously work on. Learning is about understanding oneself first and foremost.  

2. Blended Learning
There isn’t a single way of learning that is a one-size-fit all. Learning can be personalized depending on your needs. For example, applying technology during in-class (offline) learning sessions or providing post-session reading material (online) can be some of the ways to approach blended learning. This allows learners to personalize their learning in whatever way is suitable for them. 

3. Learning Community
Building a community is a way to share your own knowledge as well as learn from others, allowing collective wisdom among the community members. A learning community can be built internally and externally. 

4. Learning Environment
Fostering a culture of curiosity and life-long learning is critically important in any organization for one important reason – learning is never-ending. Learning should always be encouraged within the organisation.