October 25, 2018

The 5-step dance with disruption 

Disruption is just like an unpredictable rhythm. In order to keep up with the unpredictability, keep these 5 steps in mind: 

Break out of old habits and try new things: Sometimes, breaking out of the usual way you do things and getting out of your comfort zone to try new things can prepare you for disruption’s unpredictability.

Keep agile: Be ready to adapt to different situations at any given time as the rhythm of disruption changes at unexpected times.

Lead and guide your people: Your people may feel fear when sudden changes happen, so to keep them prepared, lead and guide them to keep up

Nurture the right mindset: Having the right mindset is probably the most important as this is the key factor to keep you going and moving in the fast-changing rhythm of disruption. 

Keep creativity going: Encourage creativity in the organization to promote innovation as this helps in keeping up with disruption.