January 22, 2019

What lifelong learning means to me

In the eyes of a senior year university student


Lifelong learning is a vast and relative topic to each individual. It can mean anything to anyone, and yet, the meaning would always somewhat go towards ‘learning at all stages of life’. Whatever it may mean to you, learning is a crucial part of humanity’s progress.

Here’s what a senior year university student thinks about lifelong learning.

When thinking about this term, to me, it means unstoppable learning through life. Everyone can seek and receive the opportunity to learn without the boundaries of age, gender, and race. Learning isn’t even limited to places like the library and classroom. Everyone can learn anything, anywhere and anytime.

In my personal experience with learning, mistakes have been great lessons. To learn, we’re meant to make mistakes as life will always teach us those lessons no matter how old we get. This is why we need to nurture the mindset to accept our mistakes and learn from things we encounter in daily life.

Technology also plays an important role in the changes in skill demand and learning. The advancement of automation is replacing manpower, so the roles of employees are changing. As skill demand changes, learning and adapting ourselves to these changes becomes even more crucial.

The skills that were once essential in the past has now shifted to new ones such as data analysis and data science. We are moving to the world of big data, so we should keep learning and developing ourselves every day. Many of my friends have taken online classes for subjects such as coding and web writing to prepare themselves for the changing skill demand of the real world.

People will stop growing and get left behind if they refuse to open their minds to learn. To illustrate this, think about a highly experienced working person. If they stop learning new things, they’ll never learn new skills and will eventually lag behind.

For these reasons, learning needs to go beyond a classroom setting, especially for university students and fresh graduates. We should take the initiative to develop our knowledge and skills. Today, there are many more accessible ways to learn with the internet available. We can even use our smartphones and begin learning new things anywhere and any time.

Thus, learning is life, and it lasts throughout our life as well.