August 20, 2019

Why does Learning need to evolve?

In 2008, many jobs of today didn’t exist. WhatsApp didn’t exist, Instagram was just an idea, iPads were not invented, and you couldn’t book an Uber on your phone.

Fast forward after 10 years, today, half of the world is online. According to the World Economic Forum, 4 billion people around the world are using the internet today. By 2022, Artificial Intelligence & Robots will take up 75 million jobs, but create 133 million new jobs.

Some of the highest paying jobs of today were non-existent ten years ago, and the list is only increasing. Jobs like SEO Specialist, Cloud Architect, Data Scientist, Digital Marketing Specialist, User Experience Designer, and Content Creator are to name a few from the list.

What does this mean for learners today?

New professions mean new skills and new ways of learning. If we try to prepare kids for these new emerging jobs using the same old curriculum and teaching style, it won’t suffice.

Change is relative. For change to be meaningful, when one part of a system changes, the other parts need to adjust in correlation with the rest of the system, otherwise, the system will break down.

The same pattern applies to our learning path. Businesses are changing. But the big alarming question is – “Is our learning system changing as per the requirement of the job market?”

There was a time when grades and certificates used to be the hallmark of intelligence and skill. Not anymore. With the complexity of today’s business world, it requires more than grades to excel in any role.

How can we prepare for this change?

Change can mean different implications for different people. For instance, organizational change, personal change, and societal change may have different steps to fulfill its purpose. However, there is one point where all these changes overlap and that is where it all begins to make sense.

Agility. Accepting the fact that your old practices don’t work anymore, embracing the new requirement and pushing yourself every day to adapt to the new requirement is the greatest trait of a learner today. An agile person is most likely to adjust and survive in all circumstances, compared to someone who isn’t willing to trade his old beliefs and practices with new ones.

A lifelong Learning mindset is a solution that businesses need today. To learn at every stage of life. By learning, it doesn’t mean taking in more and more information and adding it into your library. The true sense of learning includes a constant process of unlearning.

Unlearning the old traditional practices and ways of working is crucial in developing yourself to follow new patterns and styles of working. There cannot be true learning without the willingness to unlearn.

Of all the great inventions and revolutionary ideas, the only thing that remains sustainable are the things that can evolve as per the needs of the present time, including the human mind.

Change is inevitable and constant. There is not one idea or style that will work all the time and not one particular skill that will solve all the problems. When contexts change, solutions change, and when the mind change, the world change.