December 17, 2019

Gaia & Andrew Grant on “Who killed (Thailand’s) creativity?”

“Who killed (Thailand’s) creativity?” Gaia & Andrew Grant, authors of best-selling books such as  “Who Killed Creativity” and “The Innovation Race” reveal their insight from researches and practices with a number of Fortune 500 companies as well as Thai companies.

The Grants who are the  Co-Founders and Directors of Tirian International, are joined by James Engel, Chief Learning Architect at SEAC, the Asean’s leading lifelong learning center. In this special FastFish episode, they discuss steps on how to propel creativity and innovations at enterprises, individuals as well as in a country like Thailand.

In dealing with challenges from the age of disruptive innovations, the Grants argue organizations do need a kind of “ambidextrous leadership”, a quality that possesses both the risk-taking, as well as the slow, incremental approach in one person.

They also share their insight on what blocks people’s creativity and how to unlock it.


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The Host: Sasikarn Watthanachan

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