4 Houses of DISC


‘4 Houses of DISC’ is a theme-based workshop that allows participants to discover four basic personality/communication styles, and learn how the styles interact, integrate and clash with one another. Participants will learn to identify their own style, adapt their style to work with others, and learn the unique strengths and differences of other personality styles.


This 1 day workshop is designed around the DISC personality assessment concept. Participants will have a chance to take the test prior to joining the session, and will learn to reflect on their style in the workshop. in the 4 Houses of DISC, participants will be in a wizard-like world, and will join the house that most represents their style (D-Dominance, I-Influence, S-Steadiness, C-Compliance). Learn magical spells to read people and work with other styles more effectively. Through utilization of the DISC concept, learners will have the opportunity to become more aware of differences between the different teams and styles, a recognition that allows building solutions that maximize the effectiveness of team projects.



A Better Understanding of Ourselves and Others – Awareness of one’s personal style and an understanding of how best to work with others with different styles helps create a culture based on understanding and respect.


A Mindset Focused on Collaboration – Discover greater empathy and respect for people who think and behave differently from you, and learn how to communicate and motivate such people to obtain desired results.


Recognize your Potential – The program offers ample opportunities for self-improvement. It helps individuals to adjust and improve their work styles, and ultimately improve their working relationships and overall effectiveness.

Who Should Attend?


Mid-level Managers

Wishing to enhance communication capabilities and distill a more collaborative work ethic focused on appreciation of differences and mutual respect.

Project Managers

Project Managers

Tasked with delivering projects in teams with highly diverse personalities and working styles, where integration of styles and effective team alignment is necessary for success.

Leaders of All Levels

Team Members

The course is for anyone looking to enhance their communication effectiveness and promote diversity in the organization.