Creative Scene Investigation-CSI I: Who Killed Creativity?


CSI I: Who Killed Creativity is a program in the Creative Scene Investigation (CSI) series.

The Creative Scene Investigation (CSI) series helps unlock individual and team creative potential, and builds an innovative organizational culture. A sequential process that first raises awareness of what kills creativity and innovation in the workplace, and then introduces practical strategies to rescue the creative capability that enables new and creative ideas to emerge from everyday work projects.


A Diagnostic Tool to Understand the Development of Innovative Culture:
focuses on helping leaders understand how the current workplace environment, systems, processes, and culture  can prevent innovation and creativity from flourishing in your organization. It shows how to adjust leader behavior, to creative a work environment favorable for innovation.


This course is centered on simulations and board games, and is a powerful diagnostic tool. It can be used to create joint efforts, to improve the culture of teams and the whole organization, and support workplace innovation.



Address the root causes killing your innovative culture – Unlike other skill-based learning, CSI helps address the root causes that lead many innovation culture development initiatives to fail. The workshop help leaders recognize how company policies, ways of working, and their own behaviors have significant influence on the promotion of an innovative culture. Participants will understand what blocks innovation and creativity in their organization, and will learn ways to remove the blockage and start building a culture where innovation and creativity flourish.


Easy and practical way to engage leaders to understand how they influence the development of an innovation culture – Many innovation and creativity training process are either ineffectively simple or too complex. CSI bridges the knowing-doing gap: it simplifies the extensive body of innovation research by providing an easy-to-understand metaphor, with reflection exercises, that addresses the key issues that support the development of an innovation culture.


Faster learning speed – CSI was intentionally designed to be a highly engaging and fun way to learn about being innovative and creative. The ‘crime scene’ metaphor and board game moves the learners away from the traditional workplace setting, allowing them to open up for a new experience, to experiment and engage in their own learning journey. The board game and crime-scene metaphor makes learning this difficult subject easier, and empowers them to stay engaged and apply what they learn.

Who Should Attend?


Leaders all levels

Leaders from organizations that want to continue to move forward, and want to take initiative in making progress.

Leaders of All Levels


To bring out the best from teams; to be more creative, innovative, and to leverage their best ideas into workplace success.