e3 – Engage Empower Execute


The e3 program, suitable for busy leaders at all levels of an organization, is for those looking for ways to empower their teams to do more, be accountable, stay engaged and achieve results. A results-based leadership program, e3 teaches leaders how to achieve these goals through dialoguing skills and a structured process; this turns conversations into powerful sessions, creating solutions, accountability, engagement, synergy and results.


The e3 program is a 2 or 3 day course, incorporating proven ideas and tools developed by our globally renowned education partner – Erickson – with various blended learning activities. It is a unique, customized experience that contextualizes theory into your context. Participants will learn how to engage with their subordinates and build trust. With a foundation of trust leaders can motivate their people and gain commitment to strive for success. Leaders will learn to execute by focusing on applying necessary skills, with an emphasis on integration.



Re-energized Employees – As engagement goes up, accountability goes up, productivity goes up, talent retention increases, and multi-generational teams will look for and find ways to work together more effectively.


A Culture of Trust and Synergy – Encouraging reliance among team members, underpinned by strong relationships built on mutual respect and a shared vision, helps align employees and improves collaboration.


Sustainable Transformative Change – The program was designed with sustainability as the goal. It incorporates different learning approaches designed to change learned behavior gradually, and for the long term: subsequently increasing ROI.

Who Should Attend?


Business Leaders and C-Suite Executives

Looking to inspire the best from their employees to drive productivity, accountability, improve organizational performance, and drive increased marketplace competitiveness.


Senior/Mid-Level Managers

Wishing to accelerate the development and productivity of employees, and reduce HR costs by increasing employee satisfaction and, consequently, retention rates.

Leaders of All Levels

Leaders of All Levels

The course is for anyone looking to cultivate a collaborative culture designed to empower, inspire, and leverage the benefits of higher employee engagement and collaboration.