Leading in a Disruptive World (LDW)


Executives across industries are facing the most uncertain, volatile, and complex environment ever. Technology and social changes are driving unprecedented levels of change with the power to render business models obsolete overnight. To survive executives need to stay ahead of the disruption and acquire new capabilities to build and lead an agile organization. They need to learn to Lead in a Disruptive World.

Leading in a Disruptive World is a 5-day program delivered in collaboration with globally-renowned professors and practitioners from Stanford’s Center for Professional Development. The program is hosted at Stanford University’s campus in Silicon Valley – the global heart of disruption and innovation. Participants will explore the drivers of disruption, gain insights into emerging disruptive trends, and learn how leading businesses adjust and reinvent themselves to stay ahead.



Change the Way You See Your Business – See your business with fresh eyes in the context of the future world to identify the opportunities, threats, and priorities ahead.


Change the Way You Lead Your Business – Return with transformative ideas to help you disrupt your industry, increase competitiveness, and distill innovation and agility as core competencies for your organization.


Challenge Your Thinking – You will spend a week with members of the Stanford faculty, who are thought-leaders in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship. In addition to their scholarship, they offer real-world experience in transforming organizations.


Anchor the Learning in Context – A key focus of the program is on deploying the insights to achieve results in the Thai and ASEAN business contexts. SEAC pre- and post-program sessions will help participants process the learning and apply it back in the business within the local cultural and business norms.

Who Should Attend?


Business Owners and C-Suite Executives

Facing disruption and uncertain how to respond. This program will bring disruption into perspective and unveil effective strategies to transform personal leadership and organizational performance.


Business Owners and C-Suite Executives

Looking to drive their organization to the next level by seizing the opportunities for breakthrough innovation offered by the disruptive trends. This program looks into the future at the next wave of disruption and explores how the world’s most innovative companies are changing the rules of the game.


Senior Managers and Leaders

Looking to develop innovative initiatives to grow, consolidate, and expand the business. This program will both inspire and instruct; ensuring leaders return with the motivation to effect personal and organizational change, and new approaches and ideas to make it happen.