Blanchard Management Essentials


New managers often struggle. Employees are usually promoted to manager based on their superior performance, but exemplary individual performance often does not translate into managerial proficiency. When responsibilities widen from individual contribution to include the work of others, a whole new range of skills is required.


The Blanchard Management Essentials program is a 1 day course, developed by globally recognized executive leadership educators, Ken Blanchard. The program  has been designed to equip new managers with the fundamental skills needed to transition from individual contributor to successful manager. The course is a fast-moving combination of theoretical content, engaging activities, entertaining videos, and skills practice. It is designed to inspire managers to internalize key concepts and theories, and optimize their management style.



Develop a Leadership Mindset – Compare and Contrast the workplace roles of an individual contributor and a manager, and identify the mindset required to become a successful manager.


Smooth Transition to Management Role – Gain skills needed to boost relationships and work well with others, based on our time-tested dialoguing model: Listen to Learn, Inquire for Insight, Tell Your Truth, and Express Confidence (LITE).


Increased Productivity – Successful managers build and manage more successful teams. They enhance your management capabilities to recognize increased productivity, efficiency, and employee satisfaction.

Who Should Attend?


New Managers and Those Considering Transition into Management

Moving into management brings about new challenges, responsibilities and skill requirements. Often, managers are not properly equipped with the skills required to succeed. This course offers fundamental skills to aid the transition, and improve the likelihood of achieving successful results.


Experienced Managers

Looking to evaluate and update their management style. Align with new trends in management practice, and become more effective at motivating and maximizing the potential of their teams.