On Thin ICE


Contemporary teams often face increasingly complex challenges. These can include working with greater diversity and/or working with virtual teams; such situations may lead to issues concerning engagement, communication, alignment, and teamwork. These challenges require extra cohesion for collaborative success. It is important that organizations take precautions to prevent team division, and avoid the dangers of being stuck ‘on thin ice’.


On Thin Ice requires teams to simulate leadership competencies in real life situations. Participants are taken through a simulated experience of an exciting themed challenge set in Antarctica. They will learn to deal with different perspectives & challenges during a 1 day journey of experiential learning. Participants will be provided with specific takeaway tools for ongoing team development, including the practical ‘ICE’ communication strategy.



Enhanced Sense of Ownership – Participants learn to think for themselves and to take ownership when confronting issues. If they “own” their issues, they are more likely to commit to changing the situation and following through on their commitments.


Create Learning Moments that Stick – The experiential learning format puts participants in a situation that they can later reflect back onto their actual work context. The program not only provides fundamental knowledge of how to be effective in a team setting, it creates memorable experiences that drive positive behavioral change in the workplace.


Apply Learning to a Real Work Context – The program is designed to invite participants to engage and apply learning through activities and reflection. This way, the complexities of everyday work environments can be simplified and unpacked to uncover underlying issues/obstacles, raise awareness, help find solutions, and set the right mindset for continuous development and improvement.

Who Should Attend?

Leaders of All Levels

Leaders all levels

Leaders from organizations that want to continue to move forward, and want to take initiative in making progress.

Leaders of All Levels

Business Unit Members

Wishing to enhance problem solving capabilities and build a more collaborative work environment.

Project Managers

Diverse/ Cross-Functional Project Teams

Delivering projects with diverse or geographically dispersed team members requires effective team alignment, and has become an increasingly important requirement for success.