New Me NewLand


New Me NewLand is a program to help drive change. We start with introspection and then invite our teams to understand why change is needed; all done in an easy, fun and engaging way.


No one can or should be forced into a change of mindset – it’s about understanding why a change is needed. During our 1 to 2 day New Me NewLand workshop, learners will obtain an understanding of a proven leading change tool “Journey to NewLand (J2N)” developed by J2N Global. The J2N framework provides real insights into how to prepare for and implement change, to ensure the greatest likelihood of success.


The framework addresses the human psychology of large-scale change. It helps leaders and individuals understand their own reaction towards change, and better empathize with others to ease the change management process. Through our well-designed simulated experience of a jungle journey, the program will help leaders and their teams become more aware of their own and others’ attitudes towards change, inviting them to leave their comfort zones and drive change together.



A New Mindset Receptive to Change – Invite your leaders & team members to be self-aware, have a sense of urgency, and be able to make sense of change.


A New Level of Comprehension – Understand people’s reactions and mindsets towards change, to empathize with others when working together to build a new way of working.


Inspire Self-Development – Become aware how change impacts you; leave your comfort zone behind, and think about new ways of working.

Who Should Attend?

Leaders of All Levels

Leaders all levels

Leaders from organizations that want to continue to move forward, and want to take initiative in making progress.



Those wanting to develop their ability to effectively communicate change processes, and encourage receptivity to change amongst team members.



Anyone wishing to establish more agility for organizational change in operational processes, for themselves and their teams during times of rapid disruption and volatility.