Self Leadership


The concept of Self Leadership has become a profound idea for maximizing employee effectiveness, by inspiring employees to build more disciplined, productive, and proactive attitudes towards work. Employees with the ability to deliberately influence their thoughts and behaviors to improve productivity see more individual and organizational success.


Self-Leadership is a highly interactive 1 day program. It teaches your employees the mindset and skills required to become proactive self-starters; people who know how to ask for direction/support, solicit feedback, and sell their solutions. The program was developed by globally recognized executive leadership educators, Ken Blanchard, and includes case studies, a workbook, worksheets, and a Self-Leadership Questionnaire that allows participants to compare themselves with their peers.



Build Self Accountability and Motivation: The program teaches participants the skills and methods needed to look at challenges from a different perspective, and the self-initiative to tackle them. This can increase the speed of their career development as well as their motivation at work.


Higher Performance – Empowered self-leaders are more engaged and committed, consistently work harder, and increase both their own and peers performance across the organization.


Increased Innovation – Empowered self-leaders know how to overcome the challenges and constraints that limit their ability to solve problems and develop innovative solutions.

Who Should Attend?


Mid-level Managers

Looking for better and effective ways to achieve higher performance, drive productivity, and increase accountability of their team.

Project Managers

Project Managers and Professionals of all Levels

Wishing to drive the trajectory of their career by equipping themselves with the skills required to be a proactive and valuable employee, capable of delivering consistently.