Built, tested and delivered to over 3,000 supervisors and first time leaders in 3 ASEAN countries, SEAC’s STEPIN Leader Certificate is a comprehensive development program for frontline supervisors. It delivers a core set of foundational skills and tools necessary to maximize effectiveness. Often, newly promoted frontline supervisors have a high level of technical skills (such skills contributed to their promotion) but this new job role demands a fresh set of soft-skills. Though these skills are required to be effective at managing teams, in new leaders these skills are often left under-developed.


The STEPIN Leader program is a flexible, engaging, fun and complete supervisory development solution. The program focuses on increasing supervisors’ accountability, quality, productivity, and engagement to match their higher responsibilities. Employing theme-based learning, this program uses an engaging ‘Astronauts & Outer Space’ theme. This program provides up-to-date core skills and tools to get work done through others. These lessons and tools are framed by a core model called STAR (Situation, Try, Actions, & Results/Realize).



Flexible and Time Efficient – Through an adaptable ‘pick and plan’ approach to the course format, bite size content, concise sessions, and technology support, the course offers a versatile approach to learning and skill development.


Contextualized Learning – Learning is immersed into the client’s industry to increase impact, effectiveness and overall value. Easy to learn, apply and scale, the tools presented are robust enough to be utilized across industries for efficient results.


Highly Engaging – Through the use of theme-based activities and innovative advanced learning technologies, learn in completely new and exciting ways: this program offers participants an easy approach to skill development and practice.

Who Should Attend?


Frontline Supervisors/Manager – Those Transitioning into Management Roles

Moving into management brings about new challenges, responsibilities and skill requirements. This course offers fundamental skills to aid the transition and increase the likelihood of successful results.