The Chocolate Factory


The Chocolate Factory simulation program helps teams understand more about creative and innovative process improvement – ensuring that the whole organisational culture can become aware of ways to do things ‘better’, ‘faster’, and ‘cheaper’, with additional outcomes leading to better empowerment and intrinsic motivation.

The program is a 1 day unique hands-on experiential learning business simulation which simulates the problems of a non-productive company and addresses the interrelated issues of customer dissatisfaction, low staff morale, and failing organizational processes. In this learning simulation, participants experience how the factory can improve its efficiency by up to 200%, which raises morale and delights customers. Through engagement with this workshop, participants will discover how they can develop creative solutions and improve systems and processes in their own organizations. Moreover, participants will develop a more customer centric approach to work, which is bolstered through a more comprehensive understanding of collaboration and self reflection, to continually improve performance.



Improved Processes and Systems – Participants will learn to find more efficient and effective solutions through analyzing their current state and using creative thinking to introduce an innovative new desired state.


Improved Customer-Centric Focus – By learning to connect the innovation process with customer needs and identifying the pivotal role of customers as drivers of innovation, organizations can more effectively align strategy with their customers expectations.


Improved Collaboration – Learn to eliminate silo mentalities within organizational structures to unlock a more integrated, collaborative and efficient corporate culture focused on collective success.

Who Should Attend?


Front-Line Managers

Wishing to enhance problem solving capabilities and distill creative thinking into their teams whilst also driving positive transformation to go beyond incremental improvements.

Project Managers

Cross-Functional Project Managers

Looking to more effectively deliver projects by harnessing the power of collective thinking and learning to more effectively align strategy to satisfy their customers needs.

Leaders of All Levels

Managers and Individual Contributors of All Levels

The course is for anyone looking to cultivate a collaborative culture designed to empower, inspire and leverage the benefits of collaboration to drive new innovations.