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Design New Learning Roadmap for Your Organization
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*Complimentary value of 500,000 THB

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Welcome Leaders and Visionaries

2024: The Year of Transformation Through Strategic Learning.

Global giants are heralding AI as the next big disruptor in business. The stage is set for those ready to pivot and seize the advantage

Become the Game Changer

As one of SEAC’s most valued partners, we want to help you ensure your future success.

Equip your organization to pioneer the future with SEAC’s transformative 3-hour session: a New Learning Roadmap crafted to revolutionize business dynamics. This new strategic approach is designed to analyze and amplify your learning needs, providing a competitive edge that sets you apart in today's fast-paced business landscape.

Why is this Private Session crucial for your organization?

  • Exclusive Offer: An invitation reserved for strategic client's organization, with the complimentary value of 500,000 THB, for YOU there is no cost.
  • Customized Analysis: Dive into SEAC's distinctive New Approach of Learning Needs Analysis crafted to complement and extend your established frameworks.
  • Expert-led Facilitation: Receive facilitation from SEAC's experts, renowned for advancing people development in Thailand's leading companies.

Key Benefits:

  • Strategic Learning Roadmap: Customized for your organization's context.
  • Strategic Clarity: Understand the priorities in people strategy that need immediate action for tangible business results.
  • Alignment for Action: Synchronize your people strategy with business objectives for immediate, impactful deployment.

Who Will Benefit Most?

This invitation is geared towards the molders of tomorrow:

  • Top HR Executives
  • HR Directors
  • Heads of People
  • Strategic roles pivotal in architecting your organization's people strategy.

We welcome the key players and decision makers in your organization who are central to driving your people strategy's progress. (4-8 individuals)

  • Duration: A transformative 3-hour session.
  • Venue: Onsite at SEAC Center, or your preferred location.

Secure Your Place

To join us in this exclusive session and for any inquiries, please select a convenient time slot within our four-week schedule here:

Explore Our 3 Focus Domains


1. Developing Leadership at All Levels:

Empowering leaders for growth and strategic success. Focuses on key traits essential for effective leadership, regardless of your leadership level. These traits encompass knowing your leadership style, collaborating effectively with others, understanding your leadership context, maintaining effectiveness under pressure, and achieving results.


2. Talent & Successor Management and Development:

Empower individuals to thrive by cultivating a well-rounded 'comb shape' skill set, emphasizing adaptability and essential competencies. Prepare them for future leadership roles, enhancing readiness and adaptability.


3. Driving Change through People:

Empower workforce at all levels to embrace change as an opportunity. A focus on people-centric strategies will drive your organizational transformations through people and catalyzing positive changes at every level of the organization.

Empower Lives Through Learning
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